Teachers at Expressions Ballet Academy are committed to maintaining a high level of training for students in a supportive and caring environment. The academy offers classes in a number of styles to support each child’s individual goals and interests as they develop and grow as dancers and people.

Classical Ballet: Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus 
– Beginners to Advanced levels
– Grade levels: Pre-Primary – Grade 8
– Vocational levels: Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2
– Students have the opportunity to take an RAD exam each year.

Senior and VTP students also have the opportunity to train in Vaganova and AICD Borovansky methods, in addition to their RAD studies.

– Jazz is offered in a fun environment to children from the age of 5 years. Each class is highly energetic and inspiring. Over the year, different jazz styles and skills are taught appropriate to each year level.
– Power Jazz is a class enjoyed by students aged 10 and above. It is a skilled based extension class focussing on strength and stability within the jazz technique.

– Junior, Intermediate and senior levels of contemporary are offered at EBA.
– Contemporary draws on both classical and modern dance often using self expression and interpretation.
– Students study a variety of contemporary methods and techniques. They also have the opportunity to discover and explore self choreography throughout the year.

Stretch and Strengthen
– Classes focus on each individual muscle group through fitness, pilates and flexibility training. This assists our students to become well balanced and strong, while also developing a greater understanding of their body.

– Under the direction of qualified coaches, students train in gymnastic skills to assist with their dance training and vocabulary of movement

 EBA2015__540 EBA2015__609 284562-Q1.DANCE_COMBO_CD_(Groups&Soloist)_25_Photo_CD_Album.RSS-25SEP14-1227

Studio photos by Purdey Lee Photography

Stage photos by



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